Double O Blondes
HARDCORE XXX SEX ACTION! When the world is threatened by a diabolical mind-control plot, who you gonna call? How about VCA Ultra Girl, Tawny Roberts? She stars as secret agent Double O Blonde, the only international super spy smart enough, pretty enough, and sexy enough to save the world from the evil Professor Goode. Double O gets called into action after a secret agent disappears while on assignment in Morocco and a mysterious prostitution ring evades the local vice squad. Believing that the elusive prostitution ring is actually a ruse set-up by the Extremist Faction to eliminate pornography, Double O Blonde teams up with professor Goode only to discover that he is the real mastermind behind a diabolical plot to corner the pornography market, take over the world, and enslave humanity through thought control. It is up to Double O Blonde and her team of international super spies to make the world safe for pornography and pornography safe for the world.
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Stars: Ian Daniels,Steve Hatcher,Rick,Cherie,Chris Cannon,Evan Stone,Wanda Curtis,Bunny Luv,Cheyne Collins,Dayton,Chris Evans,Tiffany Mason,T.j. Cummings,Sabrine Maui,Fujiko Kano,Tawny Roberts,Antony Hardwood,
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